Monday, January 3, 2011

Adopt Chief, 9 year old male dalamation

Chief is a handsome, well-mannered senior gentleman, 9 yrs old, 70 lbs (but may have lost weight recently) who, along with his dal-siblings was left at a vets office and then at a shelter by his owner who was in a hospital and unable to provide care. Chief is a full bred dalmatian, neutered and up to date in shots and who appears to be healthy for his age (a little arthritis and lense thickening is normal) He grew up with 4 other dals, so will probably be ok with another dog. He seems friendly with people too but has not been eating well in his crated environment . This poor big boy was living in a crate for a long long time and would love to adjust to the comfort of a real home. A soft bed , a fenced yard and a few toys would be the answer to all his NEW YEAR'S WISHES. If you can adopt the Chief, please contact Harriet of Dalmatian Adoption, Inc. at 917 670 3892 or