Monday, January 31, 2011

Adopt Lucky Lincoln, senior chow mix just adorable!

Meet Lucky Lincoln! This adorable chow mix is a chow lovers dream! He is estimated to be about 9 1/2 years old. He walks easily in a leash, is calm and quiet and would make a great pet for any chow lover. He really enjoys his walks & has to do his "chinchilla dust bath roll" when he comes back from the trail. We're not sure what that's all about, but it's adorable! He has one of the cutest faces we've ever seen. Please email us for more info on him. He is truly the strong, silent type and needs a real home. Lucky Lincoln would like to be your one and only dog! To fill out an adoption application for Lucky Lincoln, please visit for info, applications, etc.

Adopt Duncan, 7 year old Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Just look at that smile! Duncan is a PBGV boy who was taken to a kill shelter after his owner died and the family did not want to take on the responsibility to care for him. How sad for Duncan, as he is a sweet & happy boy who just wants to love & be loved on. He weighs 36 lbs and is 7 yrs old. He is ready to start his new life with a family who will enjoy taking him on exciting adventures! To fill out an adoption application for Duncan, please visit for adoption info, applications, etc. Duncan is available Feb. 8th.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adopt Raisin, senior male pit bull 8-9 years old

Raisin is a senior male pit bull mix who was brought in to the Bergen County Animal Shelter in Teterboro, NJ as a stray. He is about 8-9 years old and weighs 43 pounds. He's quite a character and it looks like he has a long history to him. Still pretty active for his age, Raisin will need a home willing to provide daily walks and good leadership. If you can give this handsome guy the second chance he deserves, please stop by the Bergen County Animal Shelter to meet him. The shelter is located at 100 United Lane, Teterboro, NJ, near Routes 17 & 46 in the meadowlands area of northern NJ and they are open 7 afternoons per week for adoptions, until 8 PM on Thursdays. Rescues, please visit the shelter's website at to read their rescue policies before contacting the shelter. Raisin's shelter ID is 77340. For more information, contact Alice at or Doris at Vet references are required.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Adopt two great 11 year old orange tabby cats!

Monty and Hennessey are two of the most affectionate cats you will ever meet Monty loves to play and Hennessey never met a lap he didn’t like! Living with other cats and a dog, but might be happier without a crowd. Very healthy, active, friendly and playful Neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations.Contact: Bunny Hofberg 917-514-0228 or email:

Foster or Adopt ChiChi, friendly active 10 year old cat

Chi Chi is a very healthy, active, friendly and playful 10 years young. Neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations.Eats dry food only but loves chicken, cooked ground turkey and ricotta cheese. Prefers to be your one and only cat. History - Was left at a high kill shelter by an owner who no longer wanted pets. Available for full time adoption or new foster home - Contact: Bunny Hofberg 917-514-0228 or

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Adopt Harley, a 9 year old pit/laab mix good with kids

Harley is in Toms River, NJ. Harley is a pit/lab mix age 9 who needs a new home. he needs to be the only dog in the home. he is good with people and also good with kids. if you can give harley a home as an only pet, please email

Monday, January 17, 2011

Duke & Duchess are brother and sister SUPER SIZED maltese mixes (around 25 pounds each). They have found themselves homeless after the unexpected death of their beloved owner. Duke and Duchess are 10 1/2 years old and have been inseparable since birth. They are happy to just be with each other side by side. They are up-to-date on shots, House broken and Crate trained. They require regular grooming and Duchess has a skin issue that needs to be treated to keep it in check. These two dogs are heartbroken that their owner has passed away. Please help to mend their broken hearts. call eleven hour rescue at
973-664-0865 or email for adoption information to

Sunday, January 16, 2011

URGENT - Gorgeous Setter/Lab Mix Needs A Foster Home! (rescue org)
Date: 2011-01-14, 10:29PM ESTReply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
URGENT! Queenie needs a foster home!
We pulled her from the ACC euth list a few days ago but has developed kennel cough and the Dog Spa and Hotel wants her out until she recovers. Queenie is a 7 yr old Chocolate Lab who is sweet as sugar.
Queenie lived with her family for her whole life - 8 years - but recently they could no longer care for her, and dropped her off at the city shelter. Although she was clearly sad to be at the shelter, this sweet girl still sat obediently when asked, gave paw, and came over to staff when called. She's no longer in the city shelter - SFTH pulled her out right away - but she is waiting in a boarding facility for a foster or forever home to take her in.
If you can help this gentle, loving dog, please email toni at

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adopt Mercedes, 8 year old female hound

Meet Mercedes. This is the 8 year old little girl was living on the car lot which is right by a busy highway. She was hanging around there after somebody dropped her off, so the people that were at the car lot fed her and got her a dog house. They do not let her inside the building, and nobody is there all weekend or evenings so she is all alone. It is really cold at night and we are concerned about that and the fact that she will probably get hit by a car in time. Her legs were infected and were treated and she is ok now.
A letter from her foster Mom -- Mercedes is doing well in her NJ foster home and her foster mom loves her. Mercedes is easy to take care of and is a pleasure to have around. She appears to be housebroken and loves her crate with a warm blanket. Mercedes also loves her 4 foster doggie siblings. This wonderful gal with her warm brown eyes and soft ears would love a warm and loving home. Please fill out an application today. email or visit the site at

Adopt Max, a senior sharpei mix

Hi there. My name is Max and I am an older gentleman who rides well in the car and who walks really well and easily on leash. I do have to be reminded of my manners, but love any and all attention you will give me. I know how to sit on command, give paw, and I tend to give kisses. As a matter of fact, if you let me, I will be your lap dog!

Won't you adopt me and let me rest these old bones with you? You won't regret it! By the way, I cannot go into a home with cats as we do not get along. I hope to live out my life with a great family!!
Max has lost his short-term home. His owner surrendered him, explaining he had found this 9 year old boy 3 weeks before, but is moving and can't take Max with him. email or visit the site at

Adopt Krugman, sweet and laid back senior pit bull

In the few days I’ve spent with this wonderful gray-faced pitbull, I can see why he’s touched so many people. He is so sweet and so laid back. He walks wonderfully on a leash, tugging only to stop and smell the flowers or chase a butterfly. Even though the years have not been kind to poor Krugman, his first reaction is to enjoy life and look at every day as a new beginning. I’m a better person for spending time with him and have already begun to have a new outlook on life. Krugman needs a home to rest his head and enjoy a REAL new beginning.. with a family who will love him as much as he loves them. A family who will assure him that he will never be hungry again and let him stop and smell the roses on a walk. Somewhere, there is a bed for Krugman to sleep on and be comfortable.. away from the hectic life of a kennel. He has not known a fluffy bed to rest his head on for years.. Please give him a chance to learn that life is not about living day in and day out in cage. Give him the chance to stretch his legs in a yard and roll in the grass while getting his belly rubbed. I promise you won’t be disappointed. email or visit the site at

Adopt Henry, senior yellow labrador retriever

When 11th Hour rescued Henry, he was in terrible condition. You could count every rib and he was scarred (possibly burned). He was terribly sad and afraid and looked like he had given up hope. He must have a very resilient spirit because he turned into the dog he must have been before his life got so bad.
Henry was adopted out and found a wonderful home. Unfortunately, the family can no longer care for Henry and he is being returned. Please don't let this boy go from a home environment to the kennel. He has lived in a home for a few years now and the thought of him returning to the kennel is heartbreaking.
A little about Henry: he is a yellow Lab mix, very sweet and gentle. He is like a lazy old hound dog - he loves to be comfortable and hang out on the couch. He is okay with cats; he doesn't chase them. He likes to play in the yard and will lay down back there when it is hot out. He is about 8 or 9 years old. please email or visit the site at

Adopt Pacer, senior dog lived entire life in locked outdoor pen

Pacer is a eleven to twelve year old boy who has lived in horrible conditions all his life. Pacer was put into this pen when he was just a young dog and has spent at least ten years of his life living in this pen. Along with Pacer there were also fifteen other dogs and sixteen cats living in these same filthy conditions. Pacer had very little food to eat and when he did get something to eat it was thrown on top of the feces which were at least a foot high in his pen. The only water he had to drink was green from never being change. Pacer is a sweet boy who deserves to spend his final years in a real home with a family to love him. Surely there is somebody out there who will open their home and hearts to this wonderful guy. Pacer and all these dogs/cats will be coming to Eleventh Hour on the next transport. Please check out this site for the other dogs coming from this same situation. Please fill out an application on Pacer today...This is where Pacer came from ...
please email or visit the site to adopt at
Poor Oliver has been with 11th Hour for over 6 months. He wasoriginally found running the streets of Newark. He was rescued by 11thHour and has been with us ever since. He would do best in a homewithout other dogs or with less active dogs. He ignores cats.Oliver’s signature move is giving you a ‘high five’ when you approachhim and he can keep himself entertained for a while with a tennisball. He is housetrained, not destructive, doesn't bark and ridesnicely in the car.Oliver should go to a single-person home. He gets very attached tohis owner and if living with a family, he will pick one person toprotect and will growl at all others. He is very friendly outside ofthe house on walks with all people and other dogs. He would be theperfect dog for an elderly single person or just a single person ingeneral and should probably be put in another room when visitors comeover. He loves to snuggle up next to you and is wonderful company.He really is a great dog and he will break your heart when you meethim. Oliver is a shelter favorite! email or visit the site at

Adopt Gordo, senior bulldog mix!

Hi, I'm Gordo! I was living the good life until my owner passed away a few months ago. It's been tough but I'm looking forward to a new home.
I am an older pup (over 10 years old) and can't wait to retire in a new home (Is Florida or a tropical climate too much to ask?)! Despite my age, I am still a playful guy who thinks nothing of flopping onto my back for a belly rub. come and visit me soon! email or visit the site at

Adopt Mona, senior labrador lived in outdoor locked pen her entire life

Mona is a wonderful girl who has had a terrible life. Mona was put into this pen when she was a pup and has never been out of it in ten to eleven years. Mona and fifteen other dogs, and sixteen cats were found living in filth, food thrown on top of feces and only frozen water to drink. Even though Mona has received very little attention her entire life she is still a sweetheart and came right up to see the rescue people that took her picture. All of these dogs and cats are now being rescued by Eleventh Hour in NJ and will be heading from the mountains of North Georgia to New Jersey on the next transport. If you are looking for an older, calm, loving dog who has never had a family or a home of her own then please fill out an application on Mona today...
This is where Mona came from ...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Adopt lago, senior jack russell terrier - needs to be only pet in adult home

When he arrived, Lago was a very shy, fearful little guy. He has improved since his stay here. Running loose in the streets didnt help Lago build his confidence and it only made him more unsure of things. Fortunately, with the help of volunteers he has opened up a little more and is not as timid as he was when he came to us. We are recommending a nice quiet home for Lago with no children since he may not be tolerant of them. With patience and care, Lago can grow to be more assertive and outgoing with an adopter who can provide him with strong leadership and love. call 201-229-4600 or email lago is at bergen county animal shelter.

Daisy needs a home, owner passed away 10 year old husky/lab mix

Daisy is a very sweet senior dog whose owner passed away.
She is a 10 year old husky/lab mix. A friend is babysitting but unable to keep her. Daisy is friendly, docile and good with children. She is a 10 year old , Huskie/Lab mix.
If you know someone that could give Daisy a home and make her a companion, please call Mary Jo at 718-986-1362
Thank you, Mary Jo - email

Monday, January 3, 2011

Adopt Chief, 9 year old male dalamation

Chief is a handsome, well-mannered senior gentleman, 9 yrs old, 70 lbs (but may have lost weight recently) who, along with his dal-siblings was left at a vets office and then at a shelter by his owner who was in a hospital and unable to provide care. Chief is a full bred dalmatian, neutered and up to date in shots and who appears to be healthy for his age (a little arthritis and lense thickening is normal) He grew up with 4 other dals, so will probably be ok with another dog. He seems friendly with people too but has not been eating well in his crated environment . This poor big boy was living in a crate for a long long time and would love to adjust to the comfort of a real home. A soft bed , a fenced yard and a few toys would be the answer to all his NEW YEAR'S WISHES. If you can adopt the Chief, please contact Harriet of Dalmatian Adoption, Inc. at 917 670 3892 or