Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rudy 10 year old daschund needs a home!!


Meet RUDY, a 10 year old black and tan Dachshund that I rescued from the shelter in New York City, where he was found wandering as a stray! Can you imagine his fear? How he even survived in a big, dangerous city is just unbelievable to me.
Here's what we DO know, at this point:
He is about 10 years old (if not older). He is in good health. He had a skin condition when he first came in, that has improved with good care and food (and the nice grooming Club Member LINDA gave him, as a "welcome to safety" present!). He LOVES children, ok with other dogs and with cats. He works hard to improve his house-training skills, but needs regular walks and monitoring, to help him to improve here. Therefore, it would be best for someone to adopt him that would be HOME more than not, to get him on a regular schedule that he can rely on. He LOVES to eat (what Dachshund doesn't?), and enjoys his meals!
He loves to sleep IN YOUR BED! Snuggle-bug boy. Wears a sweater well, as you can see by attached photos.
Folks, he has fostered with kind members of our Club for the past few months.
He has been moved from one wonderful home to the next, through no fault of his own, but due to changing circumstances of each foster family. I WANT SOMEONE TO LOVE HIM FOREVER! PLEASE-can you help me find a family for RUDY?
He just wants someone to love him....
His follow up check-up will be taken care of financially.
I don't want to see him shuffled around again. He MUST find a new home no later than January 3rd!~
Please help, if you can! We can arrange a "meet and greet" with anyone at any time!
Thanks for considering Rudy!