Friday, December 17, 2010

Adopt Gussie, 8 year old collie/shepherd never had a real home

Gussie came to our shelter as a puppy and was named Asparagus. She was adopted to a family as a puppy....sadly it would not be her happy ending. The family left her in the backyard, alone and isolated for a year. They brought her back a year later...complaining that she was shy and fearful. Gee, I wonder why? We made a promise to "Gussie" that she would never be neglected again. She has been at the shelter for the last 8 years. Although Gussie is safe and cared for, we think she now deserves a second chance at family life. We want her to know that there are loving people that will let her be a part of their family. Gussie is still a little reserved until she knows you, then she'll flop to the ground for belly rubs (she is a sucker for a belly rub!). Because of her past, we would prefer she be adopted to a home with another dog so that she feels comforted. Are you the one to finally save Gussie? email Gussie is a LONG TIME resident of our Virginia shelter and never had a real home. bring her home for the holidays!!