Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Adopt Lila, adorable 10 year old female jack russell terrier

Meet Lila -

Her family retired, moved to Florida... and left her behind. Lila, an adorable Jack Russell Terrier mix, their devoted companion of 10 years, suddenly abandoned, scared and alone. They dropped her at a municipal shelter, where she faced being put to sleep. Thankfully, we were able to transfer this senior pooch into Bideawee. The 17 pound dog is remarkably spunky for her age - she can keep up with the fastest walkers! Once Lila is comfortable with a person, she typically does very well, becoming social and playful. She is best suited for an experienced, adult family, as she has demonstrated mild resource guarding. Lila gets along with some other dogs and seems to be friendly with cats, but she would be perfectly happy as your only pet! She's very cute and deserves so much more in her "retirement"! Lila also loves to run through puddles and jump in fountains - she loves to play in water! please contact Audrey Fisher
Adoption Outreach Coordinator - 212.532.4455 -audrey.fisher@bideawee.org