Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Adopt jasmine, sweet senior kitty

We adopted Jasmine who is 13 with another cat who has since passed and two dogs when my mother in law passed away 3 years ago. We had our first child a year and a half ago and she is starting to get rough with Jasmine. Pulling her tail and grabbing at her. Jasmine is so sweet that she will not move away and I am afraid Jasmine will get hurt.
Bbetween our now three dogs (granted one is temporary) one child and another on the way Jasmine is not getting any attention from us. She loves to cuddle up and she is not getting any of that. I am not one to give up on an animal but there comes a point where they could be happier in another environment. if you would like to adopt Jasmine, please respond to for application. thanks.