Friday, October 15, 2010

Adopt Polly, 8 year old adorable yellow lab/basset hound mix!

Polly is a real sweetheart... Basset Hound mix, about 8 years old, and around 35 pounds. She loves everyone... It took her only 24 hours or less to feel comfortable in a home setting when she was in temp foster... She is very grateful for kindness... She does not want to leave your side. For more attention she gently and lovingly nips your legs and hands for more love... She is calm as she adapts to her new surroundings. Nothing seems to shake her up, including cats, other dogs and children. She is not a bad barker, only when you leave and when she is protecting her yard. She will lay by your bed all night long without a bother. For a great companion and real sweetheart this girl must get a second look! please visit us at for adoption information, applications and more!