Friday, October 29, 2010

Adopt Ruby, senior terrier mix

Ruby is a 10-11 year old female terrier mix who needs a new home. She is good with both cats and dogs and lives with both in her foster home. She becomes very attached to her person and will follow them around. she is on medication for age related issues such as arthritis and pain which she requires. She likes to give kisses and enjoys sleeping next to another animal. please email if you would like an adoption application for Ruby.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Adopt Skeeter, 90 pounds, an 11 year old hunk!!!

90 pounds of pure love!
Meet Skeeter, a pooch who’s had some seriously bad luck. Skeeter spent four years at PAWS before being adopted back in 2007. Everyone who knew him couldn’t understand why he kept getting passed over. He’s always been an incredibly loving boy. Finally, he was adopted, but three years later, he’s back with us. At 11 years of age, Skeeter was having some accidents in the home, and his adopter didn’t have time for him. So Skeeter is back at PAWS with the people who love him, and we’re certain there is a kind, terrific, warm and loving person out there who is looking for a loving companion and who has the time to take him out for walks during the day, and share their home with him. Skeeter would love to go to a home with someone who is retired or works from home. He’s guaranteed to be your best buddy! please visit the site for adoption information at

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adopt Buffy, senior chow mix - spent entire life outside

Buffy is located at the Associated Humane Society in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. Please contact the shelter at 732-922-0100 for more information. Buffy is a gorgeous Chow mix who desperately needs a home. Buffy is a senior dog who spent her entire life tied outside. She has NEVER known love or human companionship. When she became a burden for the family, they brought her into the shelter and wanted her euthanized. Buffy was severely neglected; she was dirty, matted and flea infested. Buffy needs someone who will be patient and give her time to bond with them. She was adopted and bonded with her new person but Buffy did not get along with the other dogs in the house so she was returned to the shelter. Buffy would do best in an adult only home as an only pet.This beautiful girl deserves to live out her golden years with someone who will shower her with the love and attention she has never known. She was recently groomed and is looking and feeling so much better. Please won't you open your home and heart to Buffy? She really deserves to live the good life for whatever time she has left.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Adopt Casey, dumped in shelter at age 11, sweet yellow lab

This senior girl could really use some help after finding herself in a shelter at 11 years old. She was an owner surrender. If you can help, please contact Bill Reyna at to adopt her. She would really like a home again with someone who won't abandon her!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Adopt DOVE, 7-9 year old white standard poodle

Dove's Story is a very sad one- Dove came to rescue after his person died of cancer. Dove's owner thought he had Doves care provided for. Once Dove's owner passed the people sold the house and more or less dumped poor Dove. We thought we found him a great home in Boston. Unfortunately he is looking for a home again. After living in the home for 10 months Dove bit the young child. Dove will not be adopted into a home with very young kids. He has been temperament tested since this incident and has no aggression issues. Please don't condemn Dove for this. Dove is a 7-9 years old, white, neutered male Standard Poodle. UTD on vaccines He is of course house trained and crate trained. This guy is so kind and patient when grooming him. He is very well behaved and absolutely lovable. He likes cats and got along with my dogs. Dove is as about as close to perfect as a guy can be. Transportation can be arranged. Application and contract available on Petfinder site. His family generously offered to pay the adoption donation. contact MORNINGSTAR'S MOUNTAINSIDE DOG RESCUE AND ADOPTIONS BIGLERVILLE, PA 17307 (717)677-6890 MMSTARDOGRESCUE.PETFINDER.COM GIVING DOGS A LIFE.

Adopt Sopy and her 9 year old mom cat

Sophy and Mommy who is 9 are inseparable. due to the owner's asthma, they need a new home together - instant family!! Sophy is 5 and is extremely cuddly and affectionate. Mommy is 9 and is on insulin twice a day, her diabetes is very well managed. Sophy is the white and black cat.
The two cats have been together since Sophy's birth. if you can give them a loving home please contact

Friday, October 15, 2010

Adopt Coco, 10 year old female pit bull terrier

Coco came to us when we convinced her owner to surrender her over. She was 10yrs old and they were still using her to breed for puppies to sell. This poor girl has been used and abused and is finally free. She is great with people, doesnt have any issues with food, toys etc. She walks really well on a head halti which keeps her from pulling and she seems housebroken. She is however not a big fan of other dogs. While walking or sitting in the park she will not react to other dogs but she doesnt interact with them well so a home with no other dogs would be necessary. She can be in a stairwell or elevator with them and not react so thats not an issues she just feels threatened by them and doesnt make friends easily. She will come with everything she needs. Crate, bed, toys, bowls, food, leash/harness, etc. She is fully vaccinated, tested, up to date on shots, spayed and ready to go. Shes only about 45-50lbs. Coco is amazingly sweet...please email for more information on this girl.

Adopt Polly, 8 year old adorable yellow lab/basset hound mix!

Polly is a real sweetheart... Basset Hound mix, about 8 years old, and around 35 pounds. She loves everyone... It took her only 24 hours or less to feel comfortable in a home setting when she was in temp foster... She is very grateful for kindness... She does not want to leave your side. For more attention she gently and lovingly nips your legs and hands for more love... She is calm as she adapts to her new surroundings. Nothing seems to shake her up, including cats, other dogs and children. She is not a bad barker, only when you leave and when she is protecting her yard. She will lay by your bed all night long without a bother. For a great companion and real sweetheart this girl must get a second look! please visit us at for adoption information, applications and more!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sheik, 16, and Razzi, 13 DSH cats need a home together

Sheik, the grey tabby, age 16, and Razzi, the orange tabby, age 13, are loveable lap cats who need a home together. Their elderly owner who is 90 can no longer care for them. These two are companion cats and are also declawed. They will make wonderful loving pets! Please contact AMY at for adoption information. Sheik and Razzi lived with a dog!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adopt Coco, 11 year old male maltese

Coco is an 11 year old Maltese who is waiting for his forever home at the Bergen County Animal Shelter in Teterboro, NJ. He has a heart murmur, but still seems to enjoy life. Cioco weighs 12 pounds and his owners reported that he is housetrained. He seems to be a little alpha with other dogs, but he's sweet, social and friendly with people, if a little needy. We'd like a home for him with previous dog experience. Coco has been at the shelter for a long time now, and his situation is now Urgent! So, if you can give this cute little guy the second chance he deserves, please stop by the Bergen County Animal Shelter to meet him. The shelter is located at 100 United Lane, Teterboro, NJ, near Routes 17 & 46 in the meadowlands area of northern NJ and they are open 7 afternoons per week for adoptions, until 8 PM on Thursdays or email

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Adopt Pepper, 15 year old grey and white tabby cat

The name is Pepper, and I'm as spicy as my name. I'm in a room with other cats here at Paws, and I'm the Queen Bee. Those young whipper-snappers have nothing on me. I lived in a good home before they were born. Unfortunately I developed an infection and my owner couldn't afford to take care of me. My vet took me in and brought me to Paws. This certainly isn't supposed to happen to a 15 year old cat. But that's life - ups and downs. I would certainly like to have a quiet home of my own without any other animals. No children either. I don't like like my back end or tummy touched, so we don't want any young'uns swatted now do we. I like my play time, don't get me wrong, but I also like to lay in a nice sunbeam all afternoon without any disruptions. When I want attention I'll let you know. I'm very talkative and I'll nag you until you give in.
Like I said before, I'm 15 years old and a big girl. I'm spayed, current on all my vaccinations and I've tested negative for FIV and FelV. contact for adoption info.

Adopt Demmie, sweet 10 year old tabby

Demmie was adopted from Paws as an 8 week old kitten...10 years ago. He was recently returned because he was not happy with the addition of a baby to the household. Demmie is quite shy at the moment, but he is an absolute love. He's friendly, affectionate and has a penchant for high places.
Demmie is 10 years old. He is neutered, current on all his vaccinations and is negative for FIV and FeLV. Visit the site for adoption info at

Monday, October 4, 2010

My name is Mikey, and I am a 9 year old Shepherd/Akita mix. I weigh 57 pounds. I ended up at a shelter after my human passed away, and then I came to PAWS. I dream of finding someone special with whom I can spend my golden years. I’m still a puppy at heart and enjoy chasing a ball and taking a dip in the wading pool. I don’t ask for much. Scratch me behind my ears, and we’ll be friends forever. I need to be your one and only, as I’m not fond of kitties or other dogs. I am up to date on my vaccines, and I've been microchipped. I'm neutered and ready to go home! contact: PAWSPet Animal Welfare Society504 Main AveNorwalk, CT 06851Phone: (203)750-9572Fax: (203)750-0107 for more info on Mikey!