Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Adopt Lila, 10 year old female jack russell terrier

People can be so cruel. When one family retired and moved to Florida, they chose to leave their companion of 10 years behind to an uncertain fate. They abandoned Lila, a cute Jack Russell Terrier mix, to a municipal shelter, where her future was up in the air. Thankfully, we were able to transfer this senior pooch into Bideawee. This 17 pound dog is already housebroken. Lila is best fit for an experienced family with adults only. When Lila is comfortable with a person, she typically does very well, becoming social and playful! With strangers, she has some body sensitivities, and she tends to shy away from handling and touch. She may growl and snap when her back leg is manipulated, but she has not bitten during her time at Bideawee. She has also demonstrated moderate resource guarding with her food. Interaction with other dogs should be treated on a case-by-case basis because she can be pushy and reactive to some other dogs. She seems to have a mild interest in cats but she would love to be your only pet.”
contact: Audrey Fisher - Adoption Outreach Coordinator
Bideawee, Manhattan - 410 E. 38th Street