Thursday, May 27, 2010

Adopt Java, 12 year old lovely male orange tabby

Java is a 12 year old large, light orange boy with a white triangle on his chest and small white sneakers, with a thin tail pointing up,
sometimes a curve at its end. He is a very good boy. It took him about two weeks to get comfortable, now he's completely at ease.
He comes to his name, vacuums his food up, and happily is part of
the family. He sleeps with me, usually at my feet. One the couch, he
gives a head butt and lays half his body on me. He has his spot on the couch
stays there or by my side. He is very fast and spots anything, like a flying pigeon out the corner of his eye. He's an excellent mouser and will catch any flies. One distinctive and
endearing quality is that he usually crosses his paws when reclining!
He's very alert, willing and very mellow and sweet. He does not leap, he is careful, hasn't
dumped over anything, he uses a cardboard cat scratcher, doesn't bite
or use his claws. He is very much a gentleman, and loves to be talked
to sweetly. He is quite the intelligent fellow. I would recommend this cat
to anyone who appreciates a mature, lovely cat, who likes affection and
attention, however not needy at all. email

Foster or Adopt Fiona, 10 year old kitty

Fiona, 10 yr old. When she came to vet she seemed very sweet, doesn't seem to like other cats. is sitting at a vet's office in a cage which is not the best place for her. desperately need a foster home for her so I can figure out what her true personality is. email

Adopt or foster Mr. Bubbles, 9 year old cat FIV+

This is Mr. Bubbles. 9 yr old cat surrendered to thecity shelter due to owner moving. He had such severe dental disease he stopped eating until put on pain meds. Had 14 teeth extracted so virtually toothless. Big boy about 18 pounds. FIV+. Very sweet cat,but also has attitude as most cats do. Should be only cat or with otherFIV+ cats. Would love to see him adopted, but foster would also be acceptable. email

Adopt or foster Viola, 15 year old kitty owner died

This is Viola. 15 yrs old. Owner died. Very cutesmall little girl. Looks and acts more like a kitten. Loves to be pet and will seek out affection. Nervous when approached, but if she comes up to you she can't get enough attention. She is a little bit of an alpha cat so might be better off as an only cat or possibly a kittenthat's about her size. Would love to get her adopted or even fostered.She's currently in a situation with too many cats and it's not fair toher. For more information email