Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Adopt Rain, 12 year old tabby cat

She is 12 years old. very shy and skittish. but loves to be petted, and loves to sleep next to you. she has been through a lot and was ill treated in her previous home... she is healthy.
Rain is a senior beauty looking for a calm home without any other animals to live out her golden years. She was owned for 12 years, but then her owners decided they had enough and dumped her at the city shelter. Although she is understanably scared and confused (wouldn't you be if you were with one family for most of your life, and then thrown into a cage?), we know that in the right home she will calm down and her sweetness will shine through. She has beautiful markings, and other than missing most of her teeth, she is totally healthy. She has no litterbox issues, has a good appetite, and is a low energy, hassle-free cat. Again, we feel she'd do best in a home without any other animals, so if you have a quiet place for her to live out her remaining years (and we do believe she has a good many to go!) please contact:. jiali0618@gmail.com